Follow these simple steps to submit your Junior or Adult registration form here!

1. Choose adult or junior registration.

2. Click the registration button of your choice.

3. Once the button is pressed, the file will be downloaded onto your computer. You can find this file either in the top right section of your browser with a down arrow (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc), the bottom left section of your browser with the file name shown, or it will pop up in the middle of your screen asking if you would like to download.

Once you find the form, open it up on your computer and fill it out. Once your form is filled out, save to your desktop for easy finding. Then, Please email form to

4. Once you have emailed the form, Enter your name, and the email address you sent the form from.

5. Under message, please confirm that you have emailed your form to the email above.

6. Click submit!

7. Remember: payment/tuition will be made in PERSON to the instructor on the first day of classes. Cash or check/MO (to "Conshohocken Art League”).

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