All meetings, lectures, exhibitions and classes take place in the first floor main room of the Park House. Junior classes and some workshops meet in third floor studio, as noted.

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Independent Projects

Adult. Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30AM

Watch for our Fall 2019 class schedule, to be posted in late July

An 'open ended class' available to artists and students working in painting or drawing, able to work on their own, under the guidance of an experienced artist. Frequent individual and group critiques, art historical insight, and a supportive environment foster exciting outcomes and individual growth. Please provide your own supplies.
Instructor: Ava Blitz (see Ava's biography in About Us)

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White-Line Woodcut


Thursdays, 10AM-noon. Supplies provided

Watch for our Fall 2019 class schedule, to be posted late July

White-line woodcut is a dynamic, painterly, fun and forgiving printmaking technique. An image is drawn or traced onto wood and the lines are cut with an exacto knife. These grooves will separate the colors during the printing process. Sections are then painted with watercolor or gouache and printed onto an anchored piece of paper with a wooden spoon. The incremental painting process allows the artist to see the image as it develops and make aesthetic decisions along the way. You can make as many versions of a print as you want and then flip the board over and start a new image!
Instructor: Julie Zahn (see Julie's bio in About Us)

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Introduction to Fine Art

Junior/Teen (9-16)
Saturdays, 10AM-noon

Class size limited. Supplies provided.

Fall 2019 class schedule to be posted late July.

This class supplies its junior students with a foundation in traditional visual fine art via each student’s imaginary, representative or abstracted interpretation. Highlighting one noted artist, art movement or concept per class, students are taught a working knowledge of classic art mediums through painting, drawing and printmaking demonstrations. Students are encouraged to experiment with these new skills in order to ultimately choose their favored means of individual expression.

Class meets in third floor studio.

Instructor: Eileen McDonnell (see Eileen's bio in About Us)

Painting and Monoprint: Exploring Themes and Personal Narrative

Thursdays, 10-noon

Supplies provided

Watch for our Fall 2019 class schedule, to be posted late July

Tell a visual story using a theme or image that has meaning to you and explore that
theme with mono printing and mixed media. Students will create a narrative-sharing a
thought, feeling, or event of a time past, present or future.
Mono printing is an exciting and immediate process where one of a kind prints will be
made by transferring ink or paint to paper. This spontaneous and playful process will
help fuel ideas to continue to a mixed media piece on wood panel. Paint, texture and
other elements and techniques will be explored where students learn to expand their
visual language. Students will come away with a small body of work consisting of mono
prints and a mixed media piece.

Instructor: Christine Walinski (see Christine's bio in About Us)  

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2-day Reductive Drawing and Underpainting workshop

Tuesdays 10AM-1PM

Please provide your own minimal supplies; list available upon registration

Watch for our Fall 2019 workshop schedule, to be posted late July

A most helpful skill for representational artists is the capacity to confidently set up crucial values within a balanced composition. These concise reductive drawing and underpainting exercises will focus on rapid shape and tonal acuity, allowing for an initial foundation of rich dimension and a freedom from the distraction of inessential early detail. Beginners encouraged.

Instructor: Eileen McDonnell

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Japanese Mixed Media Collage 2-day Workshop

Saturdays, 10AM-1PM. Supplies included.

Watch for our Fall 2019 workshop schedule, to be posted late July.

Learn traditional Japanese techniques to create your own collages with paper, pigment and glue, using bird/owl imagery as a springboard. Students will experiment with different compositional tools and will learn techniques which include: making a variety of patterned and hand-painted papers; transferring images; making soy-based gojiru binder for pigments; making traditional wheat starch paste; stretching paper and final collage application techniques. The workshop fee covers all supplies needed for this fun, information-filled experience! Beginners welcome.

Instructor: Julie Zahn

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Open Studio Figure Drawing

Adult (18+)

1st Tuesday of each month, September- December; March-June

6:00-8:30 PM

$12 walk-in per session (pay during session)

First Fall session: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Working with professional live artist models, these monitored sessions are an exciting opportunity for the intermediate/advanced artist who wishes to affordably work figuratively, independent of instruction. One session may include a clothed dancer in traditional costume, to be announced. Sessions begin with a series of croquis, culminating with several longer poses. Please provide your own supplies, all mediums welcome. Some easels available.
Monitor: Eileen McDonnell